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The dimensions of the MediCrystal Amethyst Belt is 45 * 20 cm. MediCrystal Amethyst Belts help to reduce your knee pain, neck, shoulder, leg pain etc. You can set the heating temperature 86 - 158 F. Read MediCrystal Belts Reviews to know MediCrystal shipping and return policy.

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MediCrystal Infrared Heat 3 Gems Pad is very flexible and comfortable. The Infrared 3 Gems Pads come in medium and large sizes. The voltage and frequency of ThermoGem Flexible Pads is 110-120 volts and 60 Hz. Apply MediCrystal Coupon Code at checkout page to grab promotional offers.

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MediCrystal Amethyst Tourmaline Infrared Heat Mat is lightweight and comfortable. MediCrystal Far Infrared Amethyst Mat are used for exercises, better sleep quality and improve absentmindedness. You can adjust magnetic frequencies up to 30 Hz. View MediCrystal Mini Mat Reviews to know MediCrystal Mat Sizes clearly

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MediCrystal Non-Electric Infrared Pillows are very flexible and trendy. MediCrystal Pillows are available in a variety of colors and different sizes. MediCrystal Pillows are made with pure leather material. MediCrystal ThermoGem Pillows are great for night sleep and relaxation. Check MediCrystal Reviews to know MediCrystal Infrared Pillow prices.

Make the Best Purchase of Infrared Healing Mats from MediCrystal

You would know well about the benefits of infrared healing mats. Are you searching for the best one then the products of MediCrystal would be the best for you to get healed. This company features innovative and high-quality products that are made from completely certified natural Tourmaline, amethyst, jade crystals, bian stone, agate gems, rocks, and ceramics.

All their products are free from animal and cruel and artificial leather and suede. They source all the crystals from the peaceful origins and trade mines. They also offer a medicrystal discount code for you to have a better price fall. Here are some of the top-selling products of medicrystal.

MediCrystal Infrared Heat Amethyst Pad, Wrap, and Belts

This medicrystal belt is an amethyst belt with detachable heated pads of stones. The gemstone included in this product is the crushed pure natural purple amethyst. It involves the proprietary design with the v shape or triangle heat-stable PU film windows resulting in the tubes that are infused. It forms all the surface of the heating pad. 

It is a human-made sweat-resistant artificial red brown suede id completely a cruelty-free product. It features the forces of heat, crystal rays, negative ions, FIR, and PEMF magnetism. The power input is 110-120V/60Hz and it is available in various sizes. 

MediCrystal Classic Amethyst Infrared Heat Mat

This product is one of the kinds of medicrystal hot crystal mat and it is available in various sizes. The voltage is 110-120V for this classic amethyst far infrared heating mat. The stone involved in this is a crushed and polished natural purple amethyst. It features heat, negative ions, FIR, and crystal rays. 

You can also use this mat for various purposes. Ensure that you purchase the voltage. MediCrystal Classic Amethyst Infrared Heat Mat reveals the power of crystals and brings back your important natural forces from all around the fresh sources of waterfalls, sun, mountains, etc. It is an essential part of your active and healthy lifestyle. 

MediCrystal & ThermoGem Non-Electric Infrared Pillows with Gemstones

This medicrystal thermogem non electric infrared pillow comes along with the gemstones. This is available in various forms and colors. The stones involved in this product are crushed and polished natural purple amethyst, green jade, black tourmaline, and ceramic tourmaline that are hexagons of the brand of night shine Korea.

This pillow is from the FDA registered manufacturer. The pillow arrives with the 2 parts, in the first layer for a firm and gentle cervical support, heat resistant foam is inserted. The second part has the valuable covers that come with the precious natural tumbled crystals of jade, tourmaline, and amethyst. You can also use this as your regular sleep pillow. 

Bottom Line

These are some of the top-selling products available on the site of medicrystals. There are lots of products available on their website to heal you. You can also try the medicrystal vest which is one of the best of their offerings. And don’t make any further delay to avail the best for your health from the products of MediCrystals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What products do MediCrystal sell?

The MediCrystal online store sells Flexible Far Infrared Pads, Hot Stone Belts Vests Wraps, Natural Crystals, Photon Mats, FIR PEMF Photon Red Light and Hot Stones etc.

What is the MediCrystal phone number?

The working MediCrystal customer service number to contact is (800) 362-2088. The MediCrystal team is very supportive and the customers can contact at any instant of time.

How to avail MediCrystal special offers?

On subscription to MediCrystal newsletter, the customers can grab MediCrystal promotional offers, deals, valid MediCrystal Coupons and Discount Codes.

What is the MediCrystal product warranty?

The MediCrystal Amethyst Mats and Amethyst Tourmaline has two years warranty, MediCrystal Thermogem has one year warranty and the MediCrystal refurbished products have 6-12 months warranty.

Can I fold the MediCrystal mats?

Yeah! The MediCrystal mats are shipped to your location with folding. Please fold the mats in the same manner after every use. Get into the Medicrystal Mat Reviews, compare Medicrystal Vs Biomat and Medicrystal Vs Healthyline and order the best Medicrystal Mats.

How to use Medicrystal Mat?

There are many benefits to our body on using the Medicrystal Mat. Please go through the How To Start videos and product guides given on the Medicrystal official website, know the Medicrystal Mat benefits and how to use it.