Tribe WOD

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Enhance Your Active Workouts with Tribe WOD

Tribe WOD is a cross-training and an inspired active wear brand which is located in the greater Boston area. This brand showroom is led by French designer Alex Vitet. They are specially designing a gear for beast athletes. They are working with both fashion and fitness. And creating a difference in bringing the cutting edge of the fashionable active gears and accessories. Tribe WOD promo code is applicable to all the products while you purchase it with a great discount. This is one of the best online platforms that allow selling a wonderful active wear to the customers.

Here are some products that are helping you to enhance your active workouts with advanced accessories:

Thor Kettleball Series 25

Kettleball tribe WOD hammer exercise is a great thing for an intense full-body workout. It helps you to build the strength and muscle tone. It is the perfect exercise for burning calories from your body and losing weight including belly fat. Tribe WOD thor kettleball is a type of hammer. It has a capability for making a wide range of motion like power snatches, various swings, cleans and jerks etc.


Material : Cast iron

Weight : 25Lbs / 11kg

Grip : Fine machined twirl + Powder coated texture

Recommended Use : On rubber/Nonabrasive surface

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Bumper Plate CORSAIR 45Lbs

Bumper plates are the solid rubber plates with an iron hub in the centre. Tribe WOD plates are made for dropping from as high as overhead for the clean, jerk and snatch. These plates are offered in different kilograms and pounds in the same weight variety. Tribe WOD vest plates are done at weightlifting competitions, the Olympic Games and cross fit games.


Material : vulcanized rubber and steel

Weight : 45Lbs/20kg

Recommended Use : On rubber or nonabrasive surface

This product is mainly used in a weightlifting competition. When it comes to purchasing, the tribe wod weighted vest discount code is more useful to purchase this product with a great discountable price.

Weighted Vest Camo Jungle:

Weighted vest Camo jungle is the perfect accessory at the time of workouts. Tribe wod vest is designed with the most advanced materials. So it gives an extra benefit to the users. It will help to raise your training endurance to the next level and it can build the additional muscle to your body. The tribe wod vest plates are specially designed with a flexible material that can easily fit for different shoulders. These shoulder pads make you to feel comfortable and reduce the friction and improve the stability and innovative airflow channels and aerospace mesh ensure sustained comfort.

Final Verdict

Therefore, this information will help you to know the perfect product to enhance your active workouts to the top-notch. So make use of this information and get a better result to build your muscle and body strength with the best products.