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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Project Yourself sell?

In Project Yourself company, you can buy Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Anklets, Crystal Wands, Crystal Balls, Home decor items and other accessories. All these collections are affordable to shop.

Do you ship across the globe?

Yes, the Project Yourself products are shipped across the globe. Depending on distance, the shipping cost and time changes. 

Can I use Project Yourself Discount Code?

Yeah! Customers can enter Project Yourself Discount Code in cart page. Apply Coupon/Discount Code carefully on orders for reducing prices.

What materials are used to make Sacred Sri Yantra Keychain?

High quality glass & alloy are used to prepare Sacred Sri Yantra Keychain by hand. It is 4.13 inches length and 10.5 cm width.