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Smallrig is the ultimate online store to buy industry leading camera cages. Different Smallrig cages you can buy at are Smallrig Cage A6400, Smallrig Cage Bmpcc 4K, Smallrig Cage Bmpcc 6K Pro, Smallrig Cage Canon 90D, Smallrig Cage Canon M50, Smallrig Cage Canon R5 and Smallrig Cage For Blackmagic 6K Pro. Apply the Smallrig Coupon Code for plenty of discount offers.

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The Smallrig Gh5 setup is very simple and the customers can attach this Smallrig Gh5 Gh5S Cage to your camera with a single screw. The Smallrig Gh5 Half Cage has integrated cold shoe and nato nails. Get into the Smallrig Gh5 Cage Reviews and know about Smallrig Gh5 Handle and other specifications.
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In order to predict glaring and flare while taking images use the Smallrig Matte Box. Follow the Smallrig Matte Box instructions when you buy the Smallrig Matte Box 3196, Smallrig Matte Box Lite, Smallrig Matte Box Mini and Smallrig Mini Matte Box Pro 3680. Read the Smallrig Matte Box Review to know Smallrig Matte Box filter size, type of Smallrig Matte Box filters and other specifications.
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The Smallrig Matte Box Pro 3680 weighs around 0.79 kgs and gives ultimate protection to your camera lens. Compare Smallrig Mini Matte Box Vs Lightweight, Smallrig Mini Matte Box Vs Lite, Smallrig Mini Matte Box Vs Tilta and purchase the best out of Smallrig Mini Matte Box Lite, Smallrig Mini Matte Box 3196, Pro 3680. For previous buyers feedback, read the Smallrig Mini Matte Box Pro Review/ Smallrig Mini Matte Box Review.

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Smallrig L Bracket Reviews:

The Smallrig L Bracket is designed in such a way to ease your vertical and horizontal shooting. The price of Smallrig L Bracket A7C, Smallrig L Bracket A7Iii, Smallrig L Bracket Canon R6, Smallrig L Bracket For Fujifilm X-T4, Smallrig L Bracket Nikon Z6, Smallrig L Bracket Nikon Z7Ii, Smallrig L Bracket Sony A7Iii, Smallrig L Bracket Xt4 and the Smallrig L Bracket Nikon Z9 are very reasonable. View the latest Smallrig L Bracket Review/ Smallrig L-Bracket For Sony A7Iii Review before you buy Smallrig L-Bracket For Sony A7Iii/A7M3/A7Riii/A9 2122.

Smallrig Monitor Mount:

Now it is very simple to hold the monitor on the camera with the help of a Monitor Mount purchased from the Smallrig store. You can read detailed specifications of the Smallrig monitor mount by visiting the Smallrig website The types of Smallrig Monitor Mounts you can order are;

  • Smallrig Monitor Mount 1842
  • Smallrig Monitor Mount 2905
  • Smallrig Monitor Mount 3026
  • Smallrig Monitor Mount Arri
  • Smallrig Monitor Mount Ronin S
  • Smallrig Monitor Mount Cold Shoe
  • Smallrig Monitor Mount With Nato Clamp
  • Smallrig Monitor Mount Ronin Rs2/ Smallrig Monitor Mount Rs2

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The Smallrig Side Handles are of less weight, and can be used by both right and left handed people. The Smallrig Side Handle With Remote Trigger, Smallrig Side Handle Nato and Smallrig Side Handle For Dji Ronin-S/ Sc allows you to slide the handle upwards and downwards effortlessly. Use the Smallrig Coupon Code to lessen the cost of Smallrig Side Handle 2093, Smallrig Side Handle 2786, Smallrig Top Handle, Smallrig Wooden Side Handle and Smallrig Mini Side Handle.

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The Smallrig Sony A7Iii Cage and Smallrig Half Cage Sony A7III made with strong aluminum material. The Smallrig Sony A7III setup can be known by reading the Smallrig Cage Sony A7III manual. On Amazon Smallrig Sony A7III and Smallrig UK orders avail discount by applying Smallrig promo code.

Smallrig Follow Focus Mini:

The Smallrig Follow Focus is slip and sweat free. Read the Smallrig Follow Focus Reviews, collate Smallrig Follow Focus Vs Tilta and know about Smallrig Follow Focus setup, Smallrig Follow Focus whip and dimensions etc. Get excellent discounts on Smallrig Follow Focus Amazon and Smallrig Europe orders with Smallrig Coupons.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the SmallRig warranty?

SmallRig offers a 2 years warranty on purchased SmallRig products. Claim the SmallRig warranty by filling the form with your details.

Do SmallRig accept returns?

SmallRig returns are acceptable within 45 days from order being delivered. Contact SmallRig customer service to know more about returns.

Does SmallRig offer free shipping?

SmallRig offers free shipping on above $79 purchases. Shop the SmallRig products and get delivery in less time.

What is the capacity of the battery used in SmallRig Simorr Vibe Led Video Light?

The SmallRig Video Light battery capacity is 2000mah. Customers can charge the SmallRig battery through USB cable.