Razer Keyboard Review: Best Gaming Keyboards


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At present, there is a huge market for keyboards, offering a wide variety of styles. For this reason, finding one specific to your needs is important. While travel keyboards are small and portable, gaming keyboards prioritize speed and tactility. There is a keyboard model out there that is ideal for you, depending on the type that you are looking for. The keyboard that is on sale is also the absolute best keyboard. You have everything you need, whether you are looking for a mechanical keyboard that can be completely customized and has colorful keycaps or something that can connect to a few devices and switch between them quickly. To make it easier, search through and select the keyboard that best meets your needs at the greatest price. Below you will see a clear idea:

What is Razer Keyboard?

There is a very high probability that you have heard of Razer if mechanical keyboards get tour attention. Mechanical and membrane keyboards are among the PC accessories produced by Razer, a company known for its gaming culture. Their popular gaming keyboards are easily recognizable, and for many keyboard enthusiasts, they served as their introduction to the mechanical keyboard and a kind of entry point into the pastime. You will get over all the information you require about Razer keyboards, including their branded switch alternatives, keycap designs, keyboard models, and more.

Razer Mechanical Switches

Razer Green Switches

Most people imagine a Razer keyboard with Razer Green switches, which are probably the brand's most recognizable switches. Razer Greens create their click feel and sound using a click jacket rather than a click bar. They are very loud, clicky switches. Older Razer Greens have a higher-pitched click with a little lighter actuation force. The current Razer Greens have a sharp, medium pitch click with a 50g actuation force.

Razer's New Green Switches

To properly display the RGB, Razer replaced the green switches on several models with clear top shielding. They are identical switches because they both have a 50g actuation force and a loud click produced by a click jacket. However, it is important to remember that Razer's RGB LEDs mount through the switch and have a diffuser on top, so the top housing doesn't impact the lighting much. Do not feel disappointed if the model you are considering lacks clear top housing.

Razer Yellow Switches

The linear switch from Razer is called a Yellow switch. The switch moves up and down smoothly to the bottom out, so there is no physical sign that it has been activated. An actuation force of 45g is used in Razer yellows. They are also the quietest of Razer's mechanical switches, so if you need something that is not as loud, these are a good option.

Razer's New Yellow Switches

There is a significant difference between the previous generations of Razer Yellow switches and the new Razer Yellow switches, in contrast to the preceding comparison of the two Razer green switches, where the only variation between the old and new switches is the top housing. Other than that, they have the same 45g actuation force as the original Razer Yellows.

Razer Orange Switches

The tactile switches from Razer are orange, much like the brown switches from other brands. These switches have a tactile bump that allows you to feel when the switch is activated. They are comparable to clicky switches in that you will feel the actuation. However, they lack the additional click mechanism, making them quieter than clicky switches while still satisfying to press. The Orange switches from Razer feature an actuation force of 45g.

Final Thoughts

You may know that the keyboard plays an important part in the daily use of your system. You can choose a Razer Keyboard if you are searching for the latest and best keyboard. By selecting this, you will get a different color, as mentioned above.