Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review


By Admin | Electronics

The Polk Audio Buckle is well-built, strong headphones with a dark, bass-heavy sound. The majority of listeners will find them to be comfortable enough, and they look and feel high-end. They are well-made, elegant-looking headphones with good comfort and very little leaking. They are, therefore, a respectable option for workplace use, and their sound quality is respectable enough for critical listening. The earphone offers notable clarity and the best sound quality even at high volume, although the sound is typically clashing as the gadget struggles to isolate sounds in involved songs. The earcups on the Buckle make the headphones bulky, but the variety of construction is intriguing. Here you can see about the Polk Audio Buckle:

The Outfit

It is undeniably distinctive, even if you are not a fan of the belt buckle style. The boxy silver buckles are made of a cool-to-the-touch, matte-finished metal, and they connect the robust brown band to the ear-cups. The band is lined with elegant stitching down either side. Brown plastic surrounds the ear cups before giving way to plush, creme-coloured pads. There are no other headphones on the market that have an appearance like this one.

The Buckle uses a removable brown cable that is lined with tough rubber. One of the strongest points, that the flex point at the jack is very well-protected and shouts durability. A 3.5mm to the quarter-inch adapter and a cream-coloured carrying pouch with a leather pull string are also included in the box. These headphones have a spherical, grooved selector on the back of the right ear cup, unlike many modern headphones with a three-button controller somewhere along the cord.

The Audio

The Buckles have an excellent sound, but they are not flawless. Bass and treble tones are softly emphasized while the music is given a mild makeover. High, mid, and low frequencies are well balanced and clear, but harder-to-hear parts in the upper-mid range are under-emphasized, practically invisible to the ear. The only significant audio defect is a loss of emphasis, which will be difficult to detect unless you attempt professional studio mixing.

Features and Design

While the Buckle is available in a more conventional colour combination of black on silver, you think the brown and white version has a little more personality and is a little more reminiscent of a pair. Whether or not that is a good thing depends on personal preference, however you favour a more traditional look. Overall, the construction feels rather sturdy, especially with those substantial pieces of metal, although the plastic surface of the earcups luxury feel is a little marred by its cheaply made impression. The earcups can rotate into a comfortable position since they are joined to bronze-looking pieces of metal via a moving joint.


Due to the velvety cushioning along the ear cups, the Buckle holds up reasonably well over prolonged usage. Nevertheless, you thought the clamping pressure to be a little too intense. During your longest listening sessions, you also discovered that you wished there had been a little more padding up top.

Summing It Up

Thus the above details are about the Polk Audio Buckle. It is an excellent addition to the mid-tier over-ear headphone category, matching casual appearance and sound with rich definition and lots of power.