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Are you planning to start an online business store? Then you can easily find plenty of platforms which are related to your needs. But if you want to make an innovative platform then the Plak Theme Shopify is the right choice to go with. They are the leading competitor designer of premium Shopify themes. They can provide a lot of features to create an innovative theme for your business. So, if you want to explore your online business with the least investment and then you need to look out for the innovative features of Shopify. 

Here you have certain themes that are offered by the plak theme Shopify. So read out the things and get a better solution to start your online store with an innovative theme structure.

Plak Theme

Plak Theme is one of the most popular Shopify themes and it is perfect for the both basic and Shopify plus merchants. These themes are also suitable for the small, medium and large business circles. However, it can provide the three steps of demos to understand the things which are related to the plak theme. Here the products are labeled with the animations and provide 2 slideshows with different sections. The plak theme demo helps to increase the conversion rate and it indicates to your visitors to sign in or sign up in order to view the theme details. 

This theme phase should contain with the mega menu, whatsapp widget, messenger widget and sales and exit pop-up. Those are the most important procedures to give a new look to your creative site for an online store. However, the variant color swatch will help to change the color of the theme and create a new layout whatever you want. 

Sly Theme

The Sly Theme is another famous Shopify theme that is especially designed for 1 or 2 product stores with its professional landing page. When it comes to selling it in the form of a sales converter and it has the ability to upload a video with the sense of elegance to increase the user's experience and boost your sales easily. Here you can easily customize your theme form the menu call to action button directly with the help of the theme editor, and you can add the eye-catching style of your theme with custom style. The plak theme coupons are automatically deducted from the item prices which are added to the cart. It can also help the user to reach the free-shipping threshold with a different text that shows up with different landing colors. 

However, the sly plak themes will also contain with 2 slideshows and the 3sections with standards. You can add the counter down timer on the product page as well as the cart page. Even you can easily set the size chart which is more useful to the customers. Here you can customize your video media on the product on the home page. 

The Bottom Line

Therefore, these are the most important themes that are presented by Shopify online store. When you are looking to start a new store online, then keep in mind we are there to help you to get an innovative theme for your online store.