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The customers can finish the GUI with the Itead Nextion Editor guide even if you don't have coding knowledge. Get a 20%  off on the Itead Nextion Display for Embedded with Itead Coupon Code. The Itead Nextion instruction set and Itead Nextion library of Itead Nextion Arduino aid you in Nextion Itead download and Itead Nextion examples.

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The Itead Airspy SpyVerter R2 has IF frequency of 120MHz, max RF power is 10 dBm, bias tee voltage is in between 4.2v to 5.5v. Drop down the price of the Itead product with Itead Promo Code. With RTL-SDR, HackRF One, Airspy Mini and Airspy R2 the Spyverter R2 is compatible.