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Levitate Your Soles with the Hypelev

Have you heard about the levitating shoe display? The levitating shoe displays use the power of the electromagnetic currents.  With such powers it is able to suspend your sneakers in the mid-air. This is a kind of display that utilizes a stroking magnet. With this, you can easily insert the heel of any shoe and make it float. Interesting right? Thinking from where you can purchase such a display? You can get it from Hypelev.

Hypelev has strived to provide you with the best tech available to display the grails ever since Kanye's meltdown. They want your shoes to immerse in the utmost ability and display them in the best possible way. With such thinking, they came out establishing such Hypelev levitating sneaker display that can levitate soles.

Hypelev Levitation Display Stand

The Hypelev levitating display stand gives the user the ability to exhibit their sneakers in the best way. The best way here means that in a manner that you would have never seen before. They actually invested this product with the original Hypelev stand. They only redefined this with the world of levitation.

This Hypelev shoe display is available in two colours, black and white. Also, they provide free shipping worldwide, 30 days return options and also with the one year warranty included.

This Hypelev shoe display is made with the manipulation of the electromagnetic currents. They ideally change the physics, allowing the soles to suspend in the mid-air. The white LED will immerse your sneakers into the atmosphere of the pure light. Also, you could come to score a small air hole in the display. This can allow it to rote and glide endlessly.

Hypelev levitation display stand can be said as one of a kind of showcase that is designed by the sneakerheads for the sneakerheads.

Hypelev Shoe Display: Feature and Details

  • This is applicable and is functional to all the enclosed footwear items
  • This works for the shoes up to size US men and 1 kg of weight
  • 19 inch L x 10.5 inch W x 3.4 inch H
  • 4.5 power cords included with DC 12V adapter

The magnet you see in this device is very strong and it has to be handled with care.

Buy Hypelev Display Online

This Hypelev display stands to enable anyone - even you -to defy with the pair of closed footwear. The only thing is you can’t be wearing them whereas it has been created in a way as a display for your favourite kicks. This is designed in a manner that gives its user the ability to exhibit their sneakers in a manner they could have never seen before. If you want to buy them online you can just search them for Hypelev amazon.

The Bottom Lines

Hypelev sneaker levitation display stands are something that is best for your shoes. It can make your shoes look greater and this will surely attract many. Take advantage of the Hypelev discount code and free shipping and order them today. You can also gist this to any of your friends. They will surely be surprised and will love to have such displays for their shoes.