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Nowadays, everyone was taken aback when Corsair announced the Corsair One systems after a long time. These systems come in a gaming version and a productivity version. Today, the business announces the release of the high-performance Corsair One Pro i200. It aims to provide the maximum power in the smallest possible space. This new system is powered by a Cascade Lake-X processor, the Intel Core i9-10940X. This processor is distinguished by having 14 processing cores and 28 threads. With a 165W TDP, it operates at a base frequency of 3.3GHz and achieves 4.6GHz in boost mode. Here they will discuss the monster heavy-duty workstation, which is explained below:

Faster One:

The One Pro i200 is the most potent Corsair One series model to date, because of price cuts on Intel's 10th Generation Cascade Lake-X Core X-series silicon, it retails for less than the One Pro i180 did at launch. Only the X299 chipset platform from Intel offers this level of CPU power. Workstation purists may lament the lack of a Xeon option, but you only need one of them if your task needed error-correcting code memory. Although it doesn't have the high-grade Quadro model you may expect in a workstation, it can still run most professional applications. The only components of this computer that can be upgraded are the storage discs and memory. The PC's limited upgradeability is one of its drawbacks.


The One Pro i200's post-industrial style is the same as the i180's. All Corsair One series PCs, including the Pro models, have identical measurements of 15.6, 6.9, and 7.9 inches. When you take into account the amount of power packed inside, this has an impressively small footprint. Any way you look at it, the One Pro i200 is gorgeous. The anodized grey aluminum panels look fantastic and feel pretty robust. The preloaded Corsair iCUE software can be used to control the RGB LED light strips that flank the front panel. The wireless antennas come with the Corsair Wi-Fi 6 card and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity attaches at the top right, and they are not visible in their photographs but they are required for operating range.

Vertical Cooling:

The One Pro i200 looks elegant thanks to the numerous tiny triangles that adorn its sides, yet these triangles are functional. Airflow is cleverly forced through by a single 140mm fan on the top of the chassis, lined up against separate liquid cooling radiators for the CPU and graphics card. A 92mm fan on the power supply and an 80mm fan on the graphics card provide additional airflow. Naturally, they aren't visible from outside the tower. The One Pro i200 should be much more expensive if silence is the best quality. Most of the time, while the system is in use, it is silent, and even when the Corsair fan was operating at full speed, they had problems hearing it. The reliable way to determine whether the fans were working was to place their hand over the top grille and feel for any warm air emanating. 

Final Thoughts:

The One Pro i200's Core i9-10940X CPU has two more cores and four more threads than the Core i9-9920X in the One Pro i180. They used to build to dominate these benchmarks. Despite having 14 centers, it is superior in multithreaded tests like these despite having a slower clock speed.